PVC boxes are one of the most practical types of commercial packaging. Most of the time, consumers are unable to locate the particular sizes of PVC boxes that they require. PVC packaging boxes are available in a large number of sizes. It takes a long time to find the appropriate box measurement.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the PVC box sizes we carried for you. Nevertheless, the PVC boxes shown below are simply a partial list. We have a huge selection of special sizes PVC boxes, including many unique size boxes that are not shown on the website, so if you require a unique size PVC packaging solution, please contact us at whatsApp: 9692 7090 or email: singaporefavors@hotmail.com and we will provide you with more unique and precise sizes.

The following list is sorted according to the "Minimal Size Rule". You can try to identify the specific size you are looking for by starting with the least size, followed by the next bigger size, etc..

1*4*4cm; 1*4.5*15CM; 1*6*16cm; 1*6.5*13cm; 1*6.5*6.5cm; 1*7.5*15cm; 1*7.5*7.5cm; 1*7.5*9cm; 1*8*11cm; 1*10*10cm; 1.1*11*11cm; 1.1*11*20cm; 1.2*18.4*22.5CM; 1.3*4.2*5.2cm; 1.3*4.2*7cm; 1.5*10*10cm; 1.5*12*12cm; 1.5*4*4cm; 1.5*4*9cm; 1.5*5*8cm; 1.5*6*6cm; 1.5*6*8cm; 1.5*8*13cm; 1.5*8*18cm; 2*10*12cm, etc.

2*3*4cm; 2*3*10cm; 2*4*4cm; 2*4*6cm; 2*4*8cm; 2*4*10cm; 2*5*8cm; 2*6*8cm; 2*7*7cm; 2*7*16cm; 2*7*18cm; 2*8*8cm; 2*8*10cm; 2*8*12cm; 2*8*15cm; 2*8*17cm; 2*9*9cm; 2*9*12cm; 2*9*14cm; 2*10*10cm; 2*10*15cm; 2*10*20cm; 2*11*11cm; 2*12*12cm; 2*12*17cm; 2*12*22cm; 2*13*13cm; 2*14*14cm; 2*15*21cm; 2*16*16cm; 2*16*21cm; 2*30*30cm; 2.1*14.2*21.8cm; 2.2*5*5cm; 2.5*2.5*7.8cm; 2.5*6*6cm; 2.5*6*8cm; 2.5*7.9*7.9cm; 2.5*15.5*20.5cm; 2.5*17.5*15.5cm; 2.8*4.5*10.6cm, etc.

3*3*3cm; 3*3*9cm; 3*3*13.8cm; 3*3*16cm; 3*3*18cm; 3*3*20cm; 3*4*5cm; 3*4*6.5cm; 3*4*8.2cm; 3*4.7*11.3cm; 3*5*5cm; 3*5*8cm; 3*5*12cm; 3*5*15CM; 3*6*6cm; 3*6*7cm; 3*6*8cm; 3*6*10cm; 3*7*7cm; 3*7*8cm; 3*7*9cm; 3*7.5*7.5cm; 3*7*10cm; 3*7*12cm; 3*7*14cm; 3*7*17cm; 3*8*8cm; 3*8*10cm; 3*8*12cm; 3*8*15cm; 3*9*9cm; 3*9*17cm; 3*10*10cm; 3*11*11cm; 3*12*17cm; 3*14*14cm; 3*15*15cm; 3*15*20cm; 3*15*25cm; 3*15*30cm; 3*16*16cm; 3.2*3.2*10.5cm; 3.2*3.2*9cm; 3.5*5*5cm; 3.5*7*18cm; 3.5*7*7cm; 3.5*7*9cm; 3.5*7.5*9.5cm; 3.5*9.2*15.2cm; 3.6*4.7*10.2cm; 3.8*6.3*17.5cm, etc.

4*4*4cm; 4*4*5cm; 4*4*6cm; 4*4*7cm; 4*4*8cm; 4*4*10cm; 4*4*11cm; 4*4*12cm; 4*4*14cm; 4*4*15cm; 4*4*17cm; 4*4*18cm; 4*4*20cm; 4*6*10cm; 4*7*7cm; 4*7*8cm; 4*8*8cm; 4*8*10cm; 4*8*12cm; 4*8*14cm; 4*8*16cm; 4*9*9cm; 4*9*17cm; 4*10*10cm; 4*10*12cm; 4*10*16cm; 4*11*11cm; 4*11*15cm; 4*12*18cm; 4*13.5*13.5cm; 4*13.5*20cm; 4.1*4.3*8.2cm; 4.1*4.3*10.3cm; 4.1*4.3*16.2cm; 4.1*8.2*8.5cm; 4.1*8.5*16.2cm; 4.2*4.2*5.5cm; 4.2*6.3*16.3cm; 4.3*4.3*5.6cm; 4.3*4.3*7.3cm; 4.4*8.4*10.5cm; 4.5*4.5*4.5cm; 4.5*4.5*5.5cm; 4.5*4.5*6.5cm; 4.5*4.5*7cm; 4.5*4.5*8.5cm; 4.5*4.5*14cm; 4.5*6.4*8cm; 4.5*8.5*8.5cm; 4.7*4.7*14cm; 4.7*6.2*10.4cm; 4.7*6.2*14.5cm; 4.7*13.1*20.6cm; 4.8*5.1*10.3cm; 4.8*7.3*14.1cm; 4.8*7.7*7.7cm; 4.8*8.4*10.5cm; 4.8*10.5*11.5cm; 4.8*10.5*11.9cm; 4.9*6.9*20.3cm; 4.9*12.2*15.8cm, etc.

5*5*5cm; 5*5*6.5cm; 5*5*6cm; 5*5*7cm; 5*5*8cm; 5*5*10cm; 5*5*11cm; 5*5*12cm; 5*5*15cm; 5*5*16cm; 5*5*17cm; 5*5*18cm; 5*5*20cm; 5*5*25cm; 5*5*30cm; 5*5.5*13cm; 5*6*6cm; 5*6*9cm; 5*6*12.2cm; 5*7*7cm; 5*7*9cm; 5*7*10cm; 5*7*11cm; 5*7*12cm; 5*8*8cm; 5*8*10cm; 5*9*9cm; 5*9*11cm; 5*10*10cm; 5*10*15cm; 5*10*22cm; 5*10*30cm; 5*10.1*11cm; 5*10.2*20.2cm; 5*11*15cm; 5*11*17cm; 5*12*12cm; 5*12*15c5*13*13cm; 5*15*15cm; 5*15*20cm; 5*15*30cm; 5*15.2*30.2cm; 5*15.3*17.8cm; 5*16*16cm; 5*20*20cm; 5*20*25cm; 5*20.2*20.2cm; 5*21.7*30.7cm; 5.2*8*185.3*5.3*19.2cm; 5.3*15*21cm; 5.5*5.5*5.5cm; 5.5*5.5*11cm, etc.

6*6*6cm; 6*6*7cm; 6*6*8cm; 6*6*9cm; 6*6*10cm; 6*6*11cm; 6*6*12cm; 6*6*13cm; 6*6*14cm; 6*6*15cm; 6*6*17.5cm; 6*6*18cm; 6*6*20cm; 6*6*24cm; 6*6*30cm; 6*6*36cm; 6*7*7cm; 6*7*10cm; 6*8*8cm; 6*8*10cm; 6*8*12cm; 6*8*16cm; 6*8.1*17.5cm; 6*8.5*20cm; 6*9*9cm; 6*9*12cm; 6*9*256*10*10cm; 6*10*12cm; 6*10*20cm; 6*11*11cm; 6*11*16cm; 6*12*12cm; 6*12*15cm; 6*12*24cm; 6*12.5*12.5cm; 6*13*13cm; 6*15*15cm; 6*19.2*19.2cm; 6*23*25cm; 6*23*30cm; 6.3*7*10.6cm; 6.4*6.4*9.8cm; 6.4*9.7*12.8cm; 6.5*6.5*6.5cm; 6.5*6.5*9.5cm, etc.

7*7*7cm; 7*7*8cm; 7*7*9cm; 7*8*9cm; 7*8*11cm; 7*8*15cm; 7*7*10cm; 7*7*11cm; 7*7*12cm; 7*7*13cm; 7*7*14cm; 7*7*16cm; 7*7*17cm; 7*7*18cm; 7*7*20cm; 7*7*21cm; 7*7*22cm; 7*7*25cm; 7*7*28cm; 7*9.7*9.7cm; 7*10*15cm; 7*11*11cm; 7*12.2*22.2cm; 7*19.2*24.2cm; 7.5*18.2*27.2cm; 7.5*23.2*23.2cm; 7.8*14.8*18.5cm, etc.

8*8*8cm; 8*8*9cm; 8*8*10cm; 8*8*11cm; 8*8*12cm; 8*8*13cm; 8*8*14cm; 8*8*15cm; 8*8*16cm; 8*8*19cm; 8*8*21cm; 8*8*24cm; 8*8*30cm; 8*10*10cm; 8*10*12cm; 8*10*15cm; 8*10*16cm; 8*10*20cm; 8*11*11cm; 8*12.5*13.5cm; 8*17*25cm; 8.4*8.4*18.7cm; 8.4*8.4*31.2cm; 8.5*8.5*28cm; 8.5*10.5*10.5cm, etc.

9*9*10cm; 9*9*11cm; 9*9*12cm; 9*9*13cm; 9*9*14cm; 9*9*15cm; 9*9*16cm; 9*9*17cm; 9*9*18cm; 9*9*20cm; 9*9*27cm; 9*10*12cm; 9*13*13cm; 9*13*17cm; 9.1*18.1*18.1cm; 9.2*12.2*18.3cm, etc.

10*10*10cm; 10*10*15cm; 10*10*20cm; 10*10*30cm; 10*10*12cm; 10*10*18cm; 10*10*25cm; 10*15*20cm; 10*15*15cm; 10*10*35cm; 10*15*25cm; 10*30.2*30.2cm; 10*20.2*20.2cm; 10*12*14cm; 10*20*25cm; 10*20*30cm; 10*12*16cm; 10*15*28cm; 10*25*35.2cm, etc.

11*11*11cm; 11*11*13.5cm; 11*11*14cm; 11*11*16cm; 11*11*19cm; 11*11*22cm; 11*11*25cm; 11*11*28cm; 11*11*33cm; 11.5*18*22cm; 12*12*12cm; 12*12*15cm; 12*12*18cm; 12*12*21cm; 12.5*12.5*13.5cm; 13*13*13cm; 13*13*16cm; 13*13*18cm; 13*13*25cm; 13*13*30cm; 14*14*14cm; 14*14*16cm; 15*15*15cm; 15*15*18cm; 15*15*20cm; 15*15*23cm; 15*15*30cm; 15*20*20cm; 15*20*25cm; 15*20*30cm; 19*19*12cm; 19*19*20cm; 20*20*20cm, etc.


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