Lid Top PVC Kraft Paper Boxes (Multiple colors & sizes)

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Our kraft paper boxes are an eco-friendly option for your packaging solutions.
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Material:High quality 350g reinforced cardboard
Application:Pack gift.
Style: Ship flat, self assembly needed.

Color: Red, Black, Kraft, White, Translucent PVC

Available for different colors for different sizes, could confirm with us by email at:

Min order quantity: 10pcs each size.

LxWxH(Inner) LxWxH(External)
Lid Top 1: inner size about 6.5x6.5x3cm; outer size about 8.3x8.3x3.2cm

Price: 10-20pcs: SGD1.15, 21-100pcs: SGD1: 101-400pcs: SGD0.85; 400+pcs: SGD0.75

Lid Top 2: inner size about 9x6x4cm ; outer size about 11.2x8.2x4.2cm

Price: 10-20pcs: SGD1.25, 21-100pcs: SGD1.15: 101-400pcs: SGD1.05; 400+pcs: SGD0.95

Lid Top 3: inner size about 10.6x8.6x4cm ; outer size about 12.8x10.8x4.2cm

Price: 10-20pcs: SGD1.55, 21-100pcs: SGD1.35: 101-400pcs: SGD1.15; 400+pcs: SGD1.05

Lid Top 4: inner size about 14x7x3cm ; outer size about 16.2x9.2x3.2cm

Price: 10-20pcs: SGD1.55, 21-100pcs: SGD1.35: 101-400pcs: SGD1.15; 400+pcs: SGD1.05

Lid Top 5: inner size about 15x8x4cm 1; outer size about 17.2x10.2x4.2cm

Price: 10-20pcs: SGD1.65, 21-100pcs: SGD1.45: 101-400pcs: SGD1.25; 400+pcs: SGD1.15

Lid Top 6: inner size about 6x10x5.5cm ; outer size about 18.2x12.4x5.7cm

Price: 10-20pcs: SGD1.85, 21-100pcs: SGD1.65: 101-400pcs: SGD1.45; 400+pcs: SGD1.35

Lid Top 7: inner size about 18x10x6cm ; outer size about 20.2x12.2x6.2cm

Price: 10-20pcs: SGD1.95, 21-100pcs: SGD1.75: 101-400pcs: SGD1.55; 400+pcs: SGD1.45

Lid Top 8: inner size about 20x10x6cm ; outer size about 22.2x12.2x6.2cm

Price: 10-20pcs: SGD2.25, 21-100pcs: SGD2.05: 101-400pcs: SGD1.85; 400+pcs: SGD1.65

Lid Top 9: inner size about 23x13x6cm ; outer size about 25.2x15.2x6.2cm

Price: 10-20pcs: SGD2.65, 21-100pcs: SGD2.35: 101-400pcs: SGD2.05; 400+pcs: SGD1.85

Lid Top 10: inner size about 24.5x14x8.5cm; outer size about 26.7x16.2x8.7cm

Price: 10-20pcs: SGD2.95, 21-100pcs: SGD2.55: 101-400pcs: SGD2.15; 400+pcs: SGD2.05



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