6.5 (diameter) *4.5cm PVC Bottle with Tinplate Window Cover (multiple sizes & colors)

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The PVC Bottles with Concave Tinplate Cover are excellent packaging container choice for many products such as candies, mints, and more! Add a creative label or decorate the tins to your liking, and you'll have the perfect packaging container for your products!
Material:Transparent PVC plastic body, with tinplate window cover lid and bottom
Cover material: Tinplate Lid Cover
Cover  Color:  Blue, Pink, Silver
Shape: PVC plastic bottle container
Application: Storage of food, honey syrup, jam, sauce, cream, cosmetic, nuts, powder, vitamines and etc.
Custom printing: Screen printing , Stickers

Available sizes:
6.5(diameter)*4.5cm(height) /SGD per pcs
6.5(diameter)*6.5cm(height) /SGD per pcs
6.5(diameter)*8.5cm(height) /SGD per pcs
6.5(diameter)*10.5cm(height) /SGD per pcs
6.5(diameter)*12.5cm(height) /SGD per pcs
7.5(diameter)*4.5cm(height) /SGD per pcs
7.5(diameter)*5.5cm(height) /SGD per pcs
7.5(diameter)*7.5cm(height) /SGD per pcs
7.5(diameter)*9.5cm(height) /SGD per pcs
7.5(diameter)*11.5cm(height) /SGD per pcs
7.5(diameter)*13.5cm(height) /SGD per pcs
10(diameter)*6.5cm(height) /SGD per pcs
10(diameter)*8.5cm(height) /SGD per pcs
10(diameter)*10.5cm(height) /SGD per pcs
10(diameter)*12.5cm(height) /SGD per pcs
10(diameter)*14.5cm(height) /SGD per pcs

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